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Our Curriculum

ST CHad's Curriculum


What do we teach at St Chad's CE (VC) Primary School?


At St Chad’s CE (VC) Primary School we offer a full and varied curriculum that provides inclusive, imaginative, exciting experiences which meet the needs of all children, within our context, and develops their cultural capital. We encourage a genuine love of lifelong learning: we praise and celebrate achievements, as well as helping children and staff to become resilient when they encounter difficulties and become even more determind to succeed. As a Church of England School the Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good Vision for Education document forms a fundamental central part of our curriculum offer. See below for access to the document.

We achieve this through creating, a loving yet challenging environment where everyone is encouraged to be the best that they can be, growing as whole people, bearing fruit and living life in all of it’s fullness. We are committed to building on prior learning and our children are actively supported to reach their full potential as responsible and valued members of society, regardless of any difficulties or barriers they may have to deal with. We make it our ambition and mission to ensure that all children have a positive and happy experience with us. We are a forward thinking school that responds to needs of our children and our growing community. In the light of this we are designing an enrichment residential programme for our KS2 children that allows them to grow in life skills, the arts, outdoor learning, resilience and independence.


Our nine St Chad’s Values (The Fruits of the Spirit – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control) are woven through the fabric of school life so that everyone understands their importance and significance of living them out. We value the importance of British Values and how everyone can contribute effectively as a  member of our society. All of these nine values are embedded through day to day classroom activities, such as PSHE, Collective Worship and lessons. We have high expectations of good manners and behaviour and this is evident in the relationships that our children establish with each other and with the adults.



Our curriculum design has the whole child at it’s core, as well as the National Curriculum, the locally agreed syllabus for R.E. and a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (from the PSHE Association), with the Sex and Relationship aspect delivered by a specialist outside provider. However, we pride ourselves on our bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of the ‘St Chad’s child’. We have combined knowledge, skills and understanding to produce units of work to enable our children to learn about themselves, their community and the wider world (Our World – Character Education).


Alongside subject leaders, staff produce long term curriculum overviews for each year group, as well as more detailed medium and weekly term plans, which ensure progression and sequencing in both content and skills across the key stage. These incorporate opportunities for intellectual repetition to embed and build on prior knowledge and diminish difference where dysfluency may have occurred. Teachers take a flexible approach to review planning regularly and at times with the children, making adjustments to ensure that the topics meet the needs of the children, provide appropriate challenge and remain motivating and engaging.


We are particularly proud of our ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Anchor’ provision where we can meet the needs of our disadvantaged and SEND children more specifically. We have a specially deigned and planned curriculum that children access in the afternoons that links to the National Curriculum and to ‘life skills’. We actively seek to provide challenge to our most able pupils by designed learning ‘challenges’ that can be accessed by all children but especially to grow our most able children.


English and Maths skills are taught daily to ensure that our children become competent and proficient learners in these core subjects. They are taught reasoning and problem-solving skills to help them become independent, confident learners who are prepared to take risks. To make learning relevant, cross-curricular links are made wherever possible and children are encouraged to apply skills from all areas to complete real-life challenges and give learning purpose (Business Enterprise Week). Our children are skillful users of a range of Computing programs and our PE is taught by a specialist sports coach/teacher. We want our children to learn a range of key skills that will help them with their future lives such as sewing, cookery, current affairs, art, music, our world (Geographical based), team building which are undertaken in vertical groups where our younger children work with our older children. They are also taught to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations, especially online, through a variety of focussed lessons, Safer Internet Day, POP UK workshops and visits from the Community Police, Bikerbility and the NSPCC.


During the year our children take part in longer themed learning sessions such as Science/Maths days, World Book Week, Celebrating Difference Days and Inspire (RE) days. We offer ever changing special events, such as topic linked days where parents are invited in to share their children’s learning. We also engage our children in a business enterprise week whereby they have a limited amount of money to invest in a creation then take this produce throughout its design and make process before advertising it and selling it at the end of the week. Half of this money is given to our link school in Kenya: a school in need of our support and proceeds shared and decided upon by our children. Jesus teaches us to look after the poor and disadvantaged so raising money for both local, National and World wide charity is at the heart of everything we believe in. 


Our curriculum is enriched through an extensive range of educational visits, including trips to museums, local geographical and historical sites and a list of sporting competitions. In addition, every two years pupils from YR2 – YR5 visit different places of worship. We also offer five day residentials for our Year 6’s as well as a weekend away to Walsingham for all KS2 pupils on a Children’s Pilgrimage. We offer a rich and ever changing variety of lunchtime and after school clubs which are attended by around 80% of our children including different sports, gardening, cooking, drama and music, choir, ‘girls club’ and film club. As part of our links with our local church we also provide a ‘Messy Church’ here in school once a month on a Friday after school that is run by school staff and church volunteers.


We pride ourselves on being caretakers of God’s creation, running an eco-warrior group that looks at how we can improve looking after our environment. This includes reducing plastics, recycling a host of various products and reducing our energy consumption. When considering our ‘goodness’ value we have also bought our food from local suppliers enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as support local business. We also eat healthier food as St Chad’s kitchen now belongs to us and the school councillors have a say in the things that would like to see on the menu. We have beautiful playing fields and wooded area, as well as having a ‘forest school’ area, ping pong table, outdoor classroom and school garden where we grow our own plants and produce.


We are a ‘Rights Respecting’ school and encourage children to be open, honest and to feel that they have the right to be heard. As part of our ‘growing’ at St Chad’s we promote pupil leadership. Our school offers the opportunities for children to become leaders within the School Council, Head Girl/Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Ambassadors, Learning Council, Spiritual Committee and Anti-Bullying Leaders. They are encouraged to fund raise, lead the Macmillan Coffee Morning; lead Church worships; lead school collective worship & prayer; support their peers and improve school life wherever possible or where they perceive to be an issue.


A smooth transition between year groups is important for children’s confidence and happiness, so we work closely with local nurseries, high schools and within year groups so that children and their families are supported at transition. We work closely with parents and create a ‘family’ feel to our school. We encourage parents to contact school at any point and invite them to attend as many events that we have at school from year group lunches to afternoon teas to performances both here at St Chad’s School and at church, as well as offering parents three evenings to discuss their child’s progress. We also offer end of YR2 and YR6 SATS workshops. We actively seek the opinions of parents and children to ensure that we provide the best provision possible.


Our children’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us throughout their time in school and our pastoral, open door policy  is very strong. Our staff pride themselves on getting to know the children well, sharing any concerns and running sessions. For cases involving difficult family situations/bereavement or any specific need we have our HOPE trained member of staff, a specialist staff member that runs nurture sessions, yoga sessions, speech and language therapist and play therapy sessions. We aim to promote children’s emotional resilience to cope with any obstacles that might come their way through our Character Education sessions daily that encompass work around, learning to learn, rights respecting objectives, British Values and Mindfulness.



The impact of our curriculum is developing whole, well-rounded, healthy, happy children who are ready to move to the next stage of their education and lives with confidence, equipped with the right skills, knowledge and understanding to go anywhere in the world (social mobility). Our school values which are based around a piece of scripture Galatians 5, are fully inclusive values for everyday living and will continue to be at the core of who our children are. We are proud to be supported in everything we do by the strong partnerships that we have developed with our local churches, diocese, parents, governors and BLISS schools. These positive relationships help us to provide the best care and education for our children in a school family environment, and together with our fantastic team of staff, create the warm, loving and happy atmosphere that makes us proud of the experience that children have here at St Chad’s CE (VC) Primary School.



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