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School Bank

At St Chad’s we run a school bank in cooperation with HSBC Bank.  A School Bank is a mini HSBC branch in our school.  It's set up and managed by our children, for our children, with support and guidance of local branch employees.  HSBC branch employee’s interview pupils for the different branch roles, train them and then support the running of School Bank.  School Bank makes financial education fun, whilst also teaching pupils how to manage their own small business.  School Bank offers a different take on financial education which is suitable for 7-11s  (Key stage 2).

It offers our children the opportunity to learn about:

  • personal finance
  • the responsibilities of cash management
  • how to manage their own project

Sandra Howes – Our school HSBC representative comes into school regularly to meet with the children and launch new financial initiatives.

The school bank runs on a Wednesday morning during break time and is run by our Year 5 school bank team.

If your child is in Years 3-6 they will be able to open a school HSBC account by paying £10 to open their account.

Once the account is open, they can then deposit as little as £1 a week into their accounts.

Children will receive:

  • Paying in book
  • Withdrawal book
  • Money box safe
  • Activity pack

Year 5 children applied for the jobs they wanted and were interviewed formally by Sandra from HSBC who then recruited her team based on set criteria.

Their jobs involve:

  • opening accounts
  • help pupils pay money into their account
  • help answer customer enquiries
  • organising the other staff
  • planning and designing ad campaigns

If you would like your child to open a school bank account. Please contact the school office.

St Michael Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6SN

01543 226080