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Science at St. Chad's

At St. Chad’s, Science is a time for children to explore their natural curiosity and to promote awe and wonder. Through the teaching of Science we aim to widen each child’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the world by helping pupils develop enquiring minds. We aim to encourage our children to engage in questioning and discussion about Science-based issues and develop an awareness of the use of Science in the world outside the classroom. ‘Working Scientifically’ underpins our approach and ensures Science at St. Chad’s is child-led.

St Chad’s Science principles 2016- 2017

Each year the whole School, both staff and pupils discuss and put together their vision for Science and how we want it to be taught at St Chads taking into account the strengths and weaknesses from the previous year.


St Chad’s Scientists

St Chad’s Scientist pupils work closely alongside the Science leader Mrs Prime to both monitor and further improve the Science across the whole school at St Chads. There are pupil representatives for each class who maintain a class log book, logging all of the Science teaching and learning that takes place in each class. These are then monitored during fortnightly Scientist meetings with Mrs Prime.

Science Week 2017

Please read all about our exciting and successful Science Week from our Science Newsletter attached below.

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St Michael Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6SN

01543 226080