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Achieve through Belief

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"The school’s mantra of ‘Achieve through Belief’ is at the heart of all the work of St Chad’s CofE Primary School" Ofsted 2017

Supporting your child

Support available for children with SEND at St Chad’s

  • Our teachers adapt what they are teaching or the way they are teaching to help children learn and progress in the best way possible. Staff have received training on First Quality Teaching and they use this as part of their practice within the classroom.
  • Extra support can be given in a small group by the teacher or a teaching assistant. This kind of support is provided in the classroom.
  • Extra support can also be given to children by an adult for short times during the day, or over a week to support them to learn specific skills.
  • Children with special educational needs and /or disabilities will often have individual targets that show what they need help with.
  • The school will seek advice from a specialist support teacher or other professional if required.

Progress of SEN children

  • All children’s progress, including those children or young people with special educational needs and disabilities , is tracked using the school’s assessment tracking system. Pupils are assessed regularly using teacher marking, observations and questioning as well as more formal assessments. If appropriate we use P Scales (scales to measure programmes/targets set by outside agencies.) As well as using B Squared ( Assessment of EYFS objectives)
  • Using the school’s assessment tracking system we review the progress of all our children towards the end of each term. We use school and national expectations to judge whether expected, less than expected or more than expected progress has been made.
  • Children are baselined at the start of the year for Reading using PIRA tests and then tested again at the end of the summer term.
  • We have Phase Leaders who meet with the teachers in their phase each fortnight to discuss pupil progress and check that suitable provision is in place for vulnerable pupils. In addition to this Inclusion Team meetings are held each fortnight to review interventions and provision maps, these are led by Mrs Johnson-Inclusion Manager.
  • We use our Provision Map, which shows the interventions that are taking place and monitor the effectiveness of those interventions.
  • Feedback from the children themselves, parents/carers, teachers, teaching assistants, Inclusion Manager and any outside agencies involved all contribute to evaluate the effectiveness of the provision of your child.

How will teaching be adapted for my child with SEN?

  • Class teachers plan lessons according to the specific needs of all groups of children in their class, and will ensure that your child’s needs are met.
  • Specially trained staff will provide support through one to one or small group work.
  • Specific resources and strategies will be used to support your child to enable them to make continuous provision from their individual starting point.
  • Planning and teaching will be adapted on a daily basis, if needed , to meet your child’s learning needs.

St Michael Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6SN

01543 226080